Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blog Resurrected!

Finally, I made up my mind and drag my lazy mind to open up a new blog, but under the same account-
Infinite Scrawling...
Please check it out, add comments or whatever, and remind me to update it, thanks! :-D

Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY holiday 1

Finally, it was CNY holiday! Usually I don't give a damn on it... it is just another holiday! But since I came here, I redefined the word 'holiday'... This thing is just too precious to be wasted!

Went back home since 23rd and today, went to a flower exhibition in The Mines resort at Sri Kembangan. It was mom's idea, I don't really have a single thing for flowers. I wished to chop off those hectic flowery nightmare infront of my house planted by mom, and each time she told me to water the flowers, the flowers got to drink their own urine until mom got back. Oh, do they urinate?

What flower was this? I forgot.

Forgotten, too. T.T

Sakura! Outside the snow world.

Another blossoming sakura. Ya right. It's fake.

My beautiful cousin! They came down all the way from Setiawan and went straight to see these flowers... Salute!

Luckily those flowers were not for sale... If not, my house will become another 'Jumanji'. Phew.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

USMKK Chinese New Year night 2009

Chinese new year night!

For those who don't know, this event was a tradition in our campus... held every year by 2nd year seniors, but performed by 1st year juniors. It is considered the biggest event in our campus, since it involved the people all around Kelantan, mostly.

I'll cut off the part where we practised out performance almost everyday before this big event and straight to some moments of this shiny event...

All these decorations, props and stuffs were started to prepare few months ago. Amazing right?

The main entrance. *a very big applause to the decoration group*

The night started around 7 p.m., but the guests started coming around 6 something. Basically those who were performing were pretty blur of what was happening out there, because we were all locked up behind the stage! @.@

A lion dance team from a nearby school was invited to fire up the event, and also to welcome the guests and V.I.P.s.

Ever heard of the cinema joke of Kelantan? Rumours said that there WAS a cinema in Kelantan! Then the government set 3 golden rules:
1. Audiences must stand straight and sing the national anthem prior of movie viewing;
2. Boys and girls separated; and the best of all...
3. Lights on during movie!
Then the cinema was closed down.
So the audiences were like sang the anthem before everything started...

The opening ceremony. Literally "opened" with a key. Nice one.

First performance! Mongolian dance- great music, nice moves, a great start off of the night.

The first half of 相声.

Comedy sketch! Personally I think they made it satisfactorily funny, when we watched their rehearsal. But most of the senior still grumbled. That's why, all of these comedians had their limits pushed.

Dinner! Come to think of it, a RM 10 ticket which included buffet dinner and performances, not to mention the props and all the tears and sweat from everyone involved in this event, was just too cheap. Too damn cheap.

The singing team! *wave hands*

Wushu team.

Chinese drama... A lot of "surprises". =.=

陶窑舞 (tao yao dance).

The second half of 相声.

敦煌舞 (dun huang dance).

Drum team.

Grand finale! We later marched out and stood and sang behind the singers, celebrating the end of this whole pain in the ***, haha!

Choy San Yeh! Ding ding dang dang~

The end! People were taking photos here and there frenzily.

We had feedback and clean-up-the-mess session till early in the morning, and we still need to go to lectures the mext moring!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Some friends' and my Christmas dinner! Snuggled in Kiet's room and enjoying this famous Malaysian delicacy while watching it snowed outside the cold dark night...
No la, nothing outside, just some singing cicak.

But, thank you Kiet for this scrumptous meal and his fried onion spread! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Under the knife!

Writing this post at 11.53am on 1st July 2009, so I've no idea which block we were in, but I remembered that we had a hospital attachment, and my group was lucky enough to sneak into the operation theatre, hiak hiak hiak...

Before entering the theatre. *scissors*

My group member Ling. (eh your mask tercabut la)

We were told to wear operation cloth before entering. The surgeons wore green ones, while the helpers and *ehem* keh poh chis wore purple ones. Easily distinguished.
"You DON'T come in and out of the theatre ok? We emphasised on absolute sterility, so only 1 of you can be inside at any 1 time." We nodded, but somehow, all of us were inside later on...!

During the operation. There was a woman with a tumour at the right side of her cerebellum, so the surgeons needed various angle of her brain scan, like a map that shows the way into this little tumour.

Some views of the theatre. All the equipments were so damn expensive that their total cost might exceed the cost of a Perodua Kancil. The cost is equivalent, not the quality :)

The operation started at 11 something in the morning, after they properly anaesthetised and secured the patient. It was a pretty major and invasive operation- they had to first shave off half of the patient's hair, mark and cut open the affected scalp area, and expose the part of the skull. Since cerebellum is under the skull, they had to drill a hole to access to the tumour.

There was 2 types of surgery drills: big and small. The big one was for rough drill, while the small drills delicately around the intended area to get to the tumour.

So they were like grabbed the drill and "weeeeee~~~" drilled into the skull while the debris of the bone were flying everywhere like snowflakes!

One thing I had respect for the surgeons was they carried out the operation for 6 hours without stopping. By the time he said: "You guys may leave now. Leave! Before I change my mind!", it was already 4 something in the afternoon, and they had just finished clearing up the tumour.
Being a surgeon is my dream, but maybe not brain surgeon... made me thought of form 3 Kemahiran Hidup class, haha.
Why there isn't a movie theatre in Kelantan?!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Damn I like this place

Went to Tanjong Sepat with family. Was a fishing village in Selangor. Did not expect much but turned out that it is a pleasant place. By the time we reached there, it was already 3 p.m., so we went to Haw Yew Heng dumpling shop.

Looking for a place to sit down, chat and relax? Here.

Then went to a house that made and sold fish cakes and fish balls. Pretty typical like in other fishing village, think there are houses like this in Morib, if not wrong.

Later went to a so- called Couples’ Bridge (情人桥), which was actually a shaky log bridge at the site where fishing boats anchored. Man it was relaxing, haha.



Fishing boats.

Look at the size of these fish… They should be swimming in the sea la, sigh.

Like this place a lot. Felt very inhabitable and comfortable. Geez sounds like a retiring old fart, haha.

Counting down for the next holiday already, haha.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WILL.I.AM. is Moto Moto!

Went to The Curve with Shyan and Mohan. Watched this.

Not bad gar... I mean very entertaining! Haha. Performs best on high stress people. One and half hour of laughter for RM 6, worth it. By the way, WILL.I.AM. is Moto Moto, the buffy hippo. No wonder it sounded so familiar.

After that since Shyan said he wants to buy some clothes, we walked around the mall.

Christmas is around the corner. Did they use this last year?

A forlorn christmas tree. If not because of the celebration, it is just another abandoned fake tree.

Quite a store. Found that shops in The Curve are a little unorganised, like shattered here and there. For forgetful people like me, the moment I stepped out of one shop, I would forget which shop I have stepped into before this, since most of the shops are not situated side to side, so you have to actually go and look for those shops.

Then we crossed the road and went to Ikano Power Centre.

Cold Storage. See the sign? I see this 20 minutes ago, haha.

Shyan just laughed uncontrollably when he sees this name, so I just entertain him by thinking that this is very funny, too.

Then we went to IKEA, which is situated just beside Ikano. When Shyan heard that I have never been there before, he was like: "What?! Out la you!"

2 mad people from nowhere. I do not know them. Haha.

Feel something out of this huge poster? I do. Always wish to pour some love to my younger sister, which does not exist.

Never know that there is such a nice cosy pet shop in KL. The Pet Safari.

The entrance.

Somehow I just do not understand why would somebody buy some snakes and rear it. I would kill them if I see them on the street.
Somebody said he wants to buy clothes, in the end myself bought 1. But the best thing is, I finally bought this:

My very own Stephen King novel! Previously I used to steal my brother's, now finally wholly own by me! Hehe so happy :)

Hmm, what's next? Bolt?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Light outing

Yeah! Came back from Dullsville, going to enjoy a 10- days holiday! (Ang, you laughing again? =.=)


Went to Leisure Mall in Taman Segar to watch a random movie with Ang and Mohan. So random until we watched this:

The initial reason of watching was because for the time from the point we bought the tickets until the show time, this one was the shortest.

By the time we stepped out from the cinema, my yawning mind still tried to think of the purpose of this movie. I got it:

Samuel Hong still can fight/ Ho yi da dak (Cantonese).

After the movie we chatted a little at A&W.

By the way, cut your hair la, Ang. Looked like a bird nest, almost. Haha.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Celebrated Hui's birthday lo. At KFC.

Fourth from the left, front row.

We were so noisy until a nosy man came up and shouted:
"Silent! This is a public place, not a private place, so please be silent, ok?"

I give you the finger, black skin!

So pathetic... made a little noise on a birthday party and got scolded. He's lucky we did not get crazy and play some creamy game, or else he might get so angry until he has a heart attack.

Anyway, happy birthday Hui! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Been raining quite often here for the past 2 weeks, and un- dried clothes in our hostel started to give out funny smell.

All of my clothes have been worn and not cleaned yet, not even a single clean underwear.

And exam is 12 more days to go!

Thanks to my smart roommate, I decided to give the Kedai Dobi just outside my campus a try. It just took a full day to turn my 1- week clothes into clean ones.

RM 8 = cleaned + folded clothes

Hmm overall the service provided is satisfactory, just that the price stung a little.

Oh my god I started to feel lazy already! =.=